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LEKE VR Game Machine 9D Motion Cinema Chiar Virtual Reality Amusement Park Egg Chiar 4 Seat Cinema Chair

4 Seats 9d VR Cinema is a small size but high turnover rate product, only 7sqm can be sell 4 tickets a round.
  • LFC4-E1861
Product Description

What is LEKE VR 4 Seat Cinema?

LEKE VR 9D 4 Seat Motion Cinema,comfortable ergonomic seat, creating the ultimate virtual experience. Small size but high ROI, only 7sqm can be sell 4 tickets a round.

Product Descriptions

Our LEKE VR 4 Seat Cinema is high ROI VR Equipment, The future technology design allows coustomer to have a strong sense of reality in terms of hearing, vision, touch, etc., and immersive surreal fun.

360° stereo immersive experience dynmic platform, real simulation of more than 30 kinds of rich special effects such as forward leaning, backward leaning, vibration, back poke, leg sweeping, blowing, etc.                                      Big pendulum, roller coaster, underwater exploration, space travel, Jurassic dinosaurs and other types of VR game content, let you travel in the VR virtual reality world!                                                                                                                                     

Specification of Virtual Reality Chair
Product name LEKE VR 4 Seat Cinema
Voltage / Power 220V / 5KW
Net Weight 400KG
Computer configuration 10105F+8G+500G+1650
VR headset DEEPOON E3-C(2K)
Advantages Immersive Cinema Experience

Numerours movie games contens help your vr park long term profits.

Exclusive management system help you manage your vr park, revenue and your members.

Every qutar update 3 games, help you retain customers and create better revenue.

Customer experience

LEKE VR provide one-stop VR PARK solutions, from equipmet selection to your park openning, we all can help you, even if you don't know the industry, as long as you want to make money, we can help you make money easily!

We have many vr simulators, such as vr cinema, vr 360, vr shooting, vr multiplayer, vr free foam arena, vr sapce, vr self-service platform, ar shooting and so on. All the vr equipment have exclusive copyright, eye-catching design, with our LEKE VR One-Stop VR Park service, make your park profits easier.

LEKE VR Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, design and marketing. Focus on VR, AR, MR, AI and other innovation technology.
With the mission of"Bring Happiness to everyone, Creating Values For Customers", we committed to create profitability for customers and become the best partner for our clients!


Q1 : What And Why LEKE VR Choose Franchise Model? 

A1 : To create sustainably profitable projects for customers.LEKE VR initiated a new mode--Franchise Mode.Low initial capital,low-risk and high return.Is a mutually benefit project. 

Q2: What is the cooperation process? 

A2: We offer one-stop solution.Consulting-Field Research-Application-Examine-Sign Contract--Payment-Project Site Selection-Design And Construction-Opening Preparation-Staff Traning-Marketing Planning-Officially Opened. 

Q3:What the advantages of LEKE VR? 

A3: We have our own management system,High hardware configuration and more than 700+pcs quality games.And the game is constantly updated. 

Q4: How long will it take from placing the order to receiving the machines? 

A4: Normally it will take 15-30 days for production, depends on the type and quantity of the machines. And it will take around 30-45 days for shipping. Please contact our sales to check the exact time. 

Q5: What's your warranty of your VR simulator? 

A5: We provide 12 months warranty service for hardware and lifetime maintenance on software after delivery.

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LEKE VR Technology Co., a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, design and marketing. 

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