LEKE VR Europe-Germany Magdeburg VR Center Officialy openning,congratulations!

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Germany Magdeburg LEKE VR Center

【LEKE VR Europe-Germany Magdeburg VR Center has offically openning on 15th,Jul,2022】

ADD:Breiter Weg 31 in 39104 Magdeburg Germany.

Numerous VR content waiting for you to play,Welcome to virtual reality world.


【LEKE VR 360 Cinema】

360° rotation,720°degree viewing,multi-protection show you a real and safe roller coaster experience.

【LEKE VR Space Shuttle2.0】

Upgrade VR Egg Chair,have 8 special effects, numerours games which you can choose your like.

【LEKE VR Flash Racing】

Exclusive Eye-Catching design,multiple maps bringing you an unprecedented new driving experience.

【LEKE VR Matrix Space】

Teamwork VR games,zombie games,shooting games etc. all in a free platform.

If you want to learn more about LEKE VR Equipment or you want to open a VR Park/VR center, please feel free to contact us,we provide one-stop solutions!

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