The 2022 AAA Expo drew to a successful close,congratulations!

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LEKE VR make a grand appearance on 2022 ASIA Amusement & Attractions Expo with new model, new equipment.

The exhibition site is very popular.

▼▼▼Experience the crowd of equipment

▼▼▼Business negotiation crowd

▼▼▼The AR Sniper Elite ery popular among children,Pick up the sniper gun and shoot the enemy

▼▼▼Immersive game experience on LEKE VR Corps Pro

▼▼▼LEKE VR Flying Cinema,Give you the most authentic roller coaster experience.Look!How happy this kid is smiling

▼▼▼LEKE VR Flash Racing,wear VR glasses to start your racing journey!

▼▼▼LEKE VR Space Shuttle2.0,cool design numerous cinema for you choose to viewing.

Does such a popular and cool design VR machine arouse your interest? 

If you are interested in our VR machine or you want to open a vr game center in your area,pls contact us,

we provide one-stop vr solutions for you!Waiting for your contacts!

Whatsapp:+86 18122270608

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